Azura Wave

How It Works

Azura is a multi-mode, point absorber wave energy converter developed to target the growing international market for utility scale renewable generation.  Unlike other wave energy converters, Azura extracts power from both the heave (vertical) and surge (horizontal) motions of waves to maximize energy capture.  The system produces power as a result of the relative rotational motion between the hull and float. The power takeoff (PTO) system is based on high pressure hydraulics and is located within the PowerPod.

A key feature of the Azura design is that the float can rotate continuously through 360° or oscillate back and forth, which enables the device to extract energy in a wide variety of wave conditions and improves the overall efficiency of the system.  The fully rotating float also provides a self-limiting power shedding effect, which makes the device inherently survivable in open ocean environments and helps to reduce loads in the mooring system. Another benefit of the Azura design is the very low reserve buoyancy, which allows it to partially submerge under large waves. These benefits are demonstrated in the video below, which shows the device operating in a 4-meter, 11-second sea state.

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