Azura Wave

Steel in the Water!

Device Installed, Connected to Ocean Sentinel

What a day! At 1625 on Wednesday afternoon, the ORCA divers, assisted by the OSU RHIB and the F/V Enterprise, pulled the retaining pins that lock the float on the Azura prototype device. The afternoon was marked by a building 15-20 knot sea breeze, 4 – 6 foot swells, and a 2 foot wind chop, but that did not deter the deployment team as they worked to connect the umbilical from the device to the Ocean Sentinel. Led by NNMREC-OSU’s Sean Moran and NWEI’s Justin Klure, the team worked diligently to complete the task.

With the prototype installed, the mooring system complete, and the umbilical to the Ocean Sentinel connected, yesterday was a huge success.  A special thanks to all of the team for their hard work. Days like this can only happen with the collective talents of each person that was involved. We’d like to personally thank all of you that made this happen.

Many years ago, a mentor remarked that: “You will forget the meetings and the conference calls and the paperwork, but you will never forget the hardware you built.” We hope you all remember this for years to come as we continue to progress this exciting technology.


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