Azura Wave

Ocean Sentinel Deployed

Installation Executed Successfully

After outfitting the Ocean Sentinel with its final components, NNMREC launched the device from the Port of Toledo on Friday afternoon. Led by Deployment Operations Manager Walt Waldorf and Test Berth Manager Sean Moran, the team used a travel lift to launch the Ocean Sentinel into the water, and it was transported to the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center by tug. On Sunday, the Pacific Storm towed the Ocean Sentinel to the project site.

Once connected to the mooring system, the NNMREC team conducted tests to ensure the device was properly positioned and configured. Installation was complete after series of at sea tests to check the operation and integration of all the on-board systems, including power dissipation, shore communications, and backup storage. The commissioning tests were successful, and the Ocean Sentinel is ready for the Azura!

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