Azura Wave

Meet the Divers

 Underwater Crew Plays Key Role in Deployment

An important design feature of the Azura is its integral ballast tanks. Prior to deployment, the tanks are filled with air so that when the device is launched it will float on its side, making it easier to tow. Once the Azura is in position at the project site, the tanks will be flooded with water, causing the device to turn upright. To accomplish this, an underwater crew will dive beneath surface to open the ballast valves and allow them to fill with water.

For the deployment at NNMREC’s ocean test site off the coast of Newport, we’ve teamed up with Orca Divers, an Oregon based company with over 20 years of experience in industrial diving and marine construction. The Orca dive team, led by Roger Hermansen, visited the Port of Toledo a few days ago to check out the Azura and review the installation procedures with the rest of the deployment team.

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