Azura Wave

OSU's R/V Alakhah and RIB arriving just after sunrise to support the WET-NZ removal operation.

ROV Departing Dock

WET-NZ at the NW National Marine Renewable Energy Center's Ocean Test Site


anchor trial 3

WNZ Towing

OS Deployed

Anchor Loaded

Ready to Launch

Anchors Loaded, Mobilization Underway Final preparations of the Azura prototype were completed at the Port of Toledo over the weekend, and the device is almost … MORE →

hull side ppl2

WV Sat CA low

OSU anchors

NNMREC Sets Anchors

Mooring System Ready for Ocean Sentinel After multiple days of offshore installation, the mooring system for NNMREC’s Ocean Sentinel instrumentation buoy is in place. According … MORE →

WNZ Dry Test

Department of Energy

Ocean Sentinel- toledo

Boatyard BBQ

Last night, NNMREC invited folks down to the Toledo Boat Yard to see the Ocean Sentinel and Azura devices being prepared for deployment. Members of Fisherman … MORE →

Hull with PowePod

Bits & Pieces

Detailed Assembly Underway  Now that the Hull and PowerPod are joined together, final assembly of the Azura is in full swing.  Patrick Branje installed the … MORE →


Alignment Crew

PowerPod hoist