Azura Wave


The development of the Azura technology is a collaboration between NWEI, Callaghan Innovation, and Energy Hydraulics Ltd.  Under a technology license from Callaghan, NWEI is continuing the development of the technology and has partnered with EHL to optimize the power conversion system.

Callaghan Logo

Callaghan Innovation accelerates the commercialization of innovation by firms in New Zealand. It offers products and services that help businesses turn their ideas into internationally marketable products and services more quickly and successfully, and has a key coordination role for the innovation system – providing a single front door to the skills, advice, support and technical services that businesses need.

Callaghan led the initial development of the technology and assisted NWEI in the design, fabrication, deployment, and testing of the Oregon prototype.  Callaghan continues to support NWEI in the optimization and commercialization of the Azura technology.


Energy Hydraulics Ltd. (EHL) is a Taranaki, New Zealand based specialist company who are one of the leading diversified providers of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, oil & gas, industrial and marine markets. The company’s products are vital to virtually everything that moves or requires control, including the manufacture and processing of raw materials, durable goods, infrastructure development and all forms of transport.

EHL is critical part of the ongoing development of the Azura technology and is responsible for the engineering, fabrication, and testing of the power conversion system.

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