Azura Wave


Steven R. Kopf, Founder and CEO

Mr. Kopf holds a degree in Aerospace and Ocean Engineering from Virginia Tech and has an extensive background in the energy and engineering sectors. His early career was spent in a business development group in DuPont where he served as Vice President of a joint venture company and managed more than $100 million in revenue growth. He is skilled in new product development, intellectual property management, fund raising, and developing collaborative relationships with supply chain partners and end use customers. His technical background includes aerospace engineering, advanced materials, structural design, fluid dynamics, wind energy, and energy storage systems.  Mr. Kopf has a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the energy marketplace and a proven track record in driving projects from concept to completion.

Dr. Terry Lettenmaier, CTO

NWEI recently augmented its management team through the addition of Terry Lettenmaier, who served as test engineer at the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center during the Oregon pilot project. He recently completed his PhD at Oregon State Univeristy in electrical engineering. His thesis entitled “Testing of Wave Energy Converters using the Ocean Sentinel Instrumentation Buoy” focused on the NWEI technology. Prior to working with wave energy, he consulted in the area of wind turbine testing and certification for a variety of clinets including GE, NREL, and Clipper Wind.   In addition to leading the overall development of the technology, Mr. Lettenmaier will serve as the Chief Test Engineer for the Hawai’i demonstration project.


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