Azura Wave

Assembly Begins

48 Bolts Declared Torqued!

After receiving word on Friday that the project permits had been issued, we worked hard over the weekend to connect the PowerPod with the Hull.  The final round of Olympic bolt torqueing was held this weekend at the Port of Toledo for the fusion of the Hull and PowerPod.

Friday marked the beginning of the match with the best of Oregon meeting face-to-face with the tried and proven Kiwi. Friendly competition ensued and, after a few bruised knuckles and some tired shoulders, an unprecedented tie was declared. The prize? A united Hull and PowerPod!

Now that the primary device components are joined, the NREL team can begin installing the instrumentation system. We’ve reached some major milestones in the last few days, but there’s still plenty to do and we’re not slowing down anytime soon!

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